A Journey Back to The Heights

Hello, everyone!  I'd like to introduce myself and our new business to the neighborhood.... I'm Emily Ferrara head chef at Orange Artichoke Kitchen. It's definitely been both an interesting and challenging road to get to this point and I wanted to share some of our journey, so far.

After working several years in restaurants including Shade and The Daily Review Café, I decided to change things up a bit and become a personal chef. The past ten years of my 18 year cooking career have been spent preparing weekly meals for families all over Houston. While it's been such privilege  to be welcomed in to so many different homes, I must admit that the driving from house to house and grocery store to grocery store (sometimes 10-12 times a week-ugh!) had become overwhelming. I found that I was spending more time driving, shopping and cleaning than I was cooking.  I decided that it was time to find a much needed home base. And so the search began! Before finding our diamond in the rough on 19th Street,  there were a couple other contenders. First was an old furniture shop nestled next to a seedy hotel in a seedier part of town. The next candidate was just a few doors down from a funeral home. Needless to say, we kept looking.

In January of 2017, we found our current location... an abandoned bungalow being sold for lot value. The owner had moved out of state and the house had sat empty for quite some time, falling deep in to disrepair. SOLD!! We knew with the right people we could turn it in to something beautiful, once again. The location was perfect- after living in the Heights years ago, I've always wanted to come back in some form or fashion!

After several months of various hiccups and hold ups... here comes Harvey. While the storm spared our new venture, it did not spare our home. All of the devastation obviously tied up the permitting and building process even further- which I can't say I'm mad at. It gave us time to rebuild our home and get back to "normal". I'm not sure what our mental state would be if both projects were happening simultaneously....

March of this year... permits... FINALLY!! The gutting, reframing and reroofing has begun!! Although she was basically taken down to the studs, we're preserving the craftsmen charm of the classic bungalow. The project is taking shape day by day and the progress is such a welcome sight.  We are so excited to share our final project with the neighborhood with opening day(fingers crossed) in August 2018.





Emily Ferrara